1.- GetxoShop Logo: access our home page by clicking on it.

2.- Home button: access our home page by clicking on it.

3.- Search button: opens a new window to facilitate your search. Unlike the map in the home page, the one offered here shows the roads and terrain of the area you are searching.

4.- F.A.Q. / Frequently Asked Questions: section where you can find more about GetxoShop and how to use this portal.

5.- Legal Notices: contains all legal notices, including those relating to data privacy and compliance with current laws and regulations.

6.- Contact: a form to get in touch with the GetxoShop team.

7.- User panel: users of our subscription service will be able to access and edit their dedicated web space. Access is protected by user name and password.

8.- Social media area: links to our Facebook and Twitter. In this area you will also be able to change the language in which the content is presented to you (English and Spanish available for now, Euskera expected soon).

9.- Search by keyword: look for the type of shop, business or service you are interested in. You can also leave this field blank and use the categories dropdown menu.

10.- Search by category: a dropdown menu offering 100 distinct search categories grouping the various shops and businesses in the municipality of Getxo.

11.- Search button: click to start your search.

12.- Turn the map: turn the map 90º.

13.- Change the view from 2D to 3D and viceversa.

14.- Streetview: feature provided by Google Maps and Google Earth which allow you to navigate roads and streets as if you were there (ability to turn 360º horizontally and 290º vertically). Drag and drop the little silhouette to the street you want to navigate.

15.- +/- buttons: zoom in and out a map or image.

16.- Satellite: shows satellite images.

17.- Map: change from the satellite view to a streets and terrain view.